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Vysoké nad Jizerou

The original reason for this settlement was the mining of ore and gold, forestry and the development of the glass making industry. The first written mention of the settlement comes from 1354 and the town was probably established not long before by the House of Wallenstein. The town’s coat of arms dates from the end of the 16th century. The town belonged to the duchy of Semily until 1848, when a fire destroyed 142 houses, 63 barns and the wooden town hall and meted the bells dating from 1586 and 1673.

The territory is part of the Železný Brod Highlands and it occupies the northwestern part of the District of Semily. The town lies on an elevated area overlooking deep valleys at a height of 692 m above sea level and its name is derived from this very position (Vysoké means high). The town has a typical mountain climate. It is an attractive lower mountain centre for winter sports and tourism. It is of great medical significance for the whole country thanks to its famous hospital, which specialises in plastic surgery on hands and arms. Most of the inhabitants commute to work, but those who do not are mainly employed in services, health care, education and agriculture. The town’s main cultural monuments include the Church of Saint Catherine (1725 – 1743), which houses the oldest monument in Vysoké, a polychrome wooden statue of the Madonna dating from the 14th century. Other monuments include log cabin no. 51, which is an example of the wooden folk architecture of the lower Giant Mountains, the walled homesteads and the classicist houses. There is also a national history museum in the town, the most remarkable exhibit of which is the large, moving nativity scene by J. Metelka. The town has had a theatrical tradition since 1786 and the first ever amateur marionette theatre in Bohemia was established there.
Town-quare in Vysoké nad JizerouTown-quare in Vysoké nad Jizerou
Sight from downhill route near Vysoké nad JizerouSight from downhill route near Vysoké nad Jizerou
Sight from downhill route
Vysoké nad Jizerou - Cottage near the downhill routeVysoké nad Jizerou - Cottage near the downhill route
Cottage near the downhill route